WARM is committed to protecting member assets through progressive and proactive risk management strategies.”
In 1985, governmental entities in Wyoming experienced a liability insurance crisis. Liability insurance suddenly became nearly non-existent and if it was available, the price made it unaffordable.
In response to this crisis, representatives from several Wyoming governments formed WARM to provide the much needed liability protection. WARM began operations July 1, 1986 and since that time has evolved into a comprehensive program providing liability and property protection along with training, loss control and other risk management services.
Because WARM is governed by its members, the Board is composed of public entity employees. This has allowed WARM to provide a level of response to the needs of its membership that is not available with traditional insurance.
The WARM Advantage
  • Created by Wyoming governments for Wyoming governments
  • Members earn investment income & build equity
  • Provides specialized training tailored for governmental entities
  • Provides long-term, stable protection
  • Risks are shared with other governmental members only
  • Responsive to the specific needs of its members
  • Board seat allows each member an active voice in the operations
  • Governed by the members
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